幸福是一种态度 (16)撒播爱心(上)

A Little Care Goes a Long Way


He was driving home one evening, on a two-lane country road. Work, in this small, mid-western community, was almost as slow as his beat-up Pontiac. But he never quit looking. Ever since the Levis factory closed, he'd been unemployed, and with winter raging on, the chill had finally hit home.


It was a lonely road. Not very many people had a reason to be on it, unless they were leaving. Most of his friends had already left. They had families to feed and dreams to fulfill. But he stayed on. After all, this was where he buried his mother and father. He was born here and knew the country.


He could go down this road blind, and tell you what was on either side, and with his headlights not working, that came in handy. It was starting to get dark and light snow flurries were coming down. He'd better get a move on.


You know, he almost didn't see the old lady, stranded on the side of the road. But even in the dim light of day, he could see she needed help. So he pulled up in front of her Mercedes and got out. His Pontiac was still sputtering when he approached her.


Even with the smile on his face, she was worried. No one had stopped to help for the last hour or so. Was he going to hurt her? He didn't look safe, he looked poor and hungry. He could see that she was frightened, standing out there in the cold. He knew how she felt. It was that chill that only fear can put in you. He said, "I'm here to help you ma'am. Why don't you wait in the car where it's warm. By the way, my name is Joe."

尽管看到他脸上挂着微笑,她还是很担忧。刚才的一个多小时里一直没有人停下来帮忙。他会伤害她吗?他让人感觉不安全,因为它看上去又穷又饿。他看得出来,她站在冷风中,惊恐万分。他知道他在 想什么,这么冷的天,人心中就只剩下恐惧了。他说:“女士,我是来帮助你的,你在暖和的车里等着吧。顺便说一下,我叫比尔。

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《幸福是一种态度 (16)撒播爱心(上)》



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