WSC世界学者杯TOC耶鲁冠军轮模拟练习题/The World Scholar’s Cup 2023

Mock Challenge (Toc Edition)

You will have 75 minutes to complete 120 questions.

When you do this test, you can choose multiple options.

Choosing 1 Answer right: 1.00 Points

Choosing 2 Answers right: 0.50 Points

Choosing 3 Answers right: 0.33 Points

Choosing 4 Answers right: 0.25 Points

Choosing All 5 Answers: 0.2 Points

During this period, you will NOT be allowed to use external resources, whether it be a study quide,notes,or talking to friends. 

Done the challenge?

Check over your answers, and make sure you have circled some options for each question. Remember, it is always better to answer five options and get guaranteed points then it is to answer none.lf you are taking this test and submitting the quiz,ensure you have chosen one option for everything

Remember, When you do this test, you can choose many choices.This is granted you take this test in paper instead of online.


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