Changing Ourselves

  Honorable judges, ladies and gentlemen, good morning!

  Today, my topic is “Changing Ourselves”.

  At first, I’d like to tell you a little story about an insurance salesman in Tokyo. Even though this man tried very hard to promote the insurance, nobody bought it. One day, he came to a small temple and began to brag about his insurance. After listening to his introduction, the monk said: “Your recommendation of insurance can’t arouse any of my interests! When you are communicating with others, you must have the charm to attract others, or you will be unpromising in the future. Young man, try to change yourself!”

  The salesman thought deeply about each word. From then on, he invited all his friends to point out his weakness and kept on improving himself bit by bit for all his life. Thirty years later, he became a millionaire. And this man is the famous salesperson in the world: Yuan Yi Ping. His experience reflects one attitude: sometimes, we should change ourselves instead of changing the world.

  Human beings always scan others, therefore, lots of people just see the flaws of them, then they will blame and criticize the outside factors, some people will even try to change them! Unfortunately, they ignore the importance of the inner factors.

  Everybody in the world needs to examine himself critically, everybody has to learn to be tolerant and generous. You won’t think the world is splendid unless you change your attitude first.

  Dear friends, we’d better remodel ourselves rather than blame each other. If we do so, we’ll find that yesterday’s sorrow is today’s gratification, yesterday’s opponent is today’s assistant, and yesterday’s failure is today’s success! Remember: if we can change ourselves, we can change the whole world!

  Thank you!









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