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Shih Chieh Huang在Ted英语演讲:深海雕像,Shih Chieh Huang喜欢研究发现新事物,充满好奇心的他有很多科研项目。

Shih Chieh Huang在Ted英语演讲:深海雕像(中英双语+MP3下载)

I was born in Taiwan. I grew up surrounded by different types of hardware stores, and I like going to night markets. I love the energy of the night markets, the colors, the lights, the toys, and all the unexpected things I find every time I go, things like watermelon with straw antennas or puppies with mohawks. When I was growing up, I liked taking toys apart, any kind of toys I’d find around the house, like my brother’s BB gun when he’s not home.
我在台湾出生 我成长于一个拥有 各式五金行商家的环境 我也很喜欢逛夜市 我很爱夜市的那股活力 以及,它的五光十色和玩具 还有我每次去,所发现的新鲜事物 比如,插着吸管天线的西瓜 或者,拥有红毛莫霍克发型的小狗 成长岁月里,我喜欢拆解玩具 任何我可以在家里找到的玩具 像是趁我兄弟不在家时,偷拿他的BB枪

I also liked to make environments for people to explore and play. In these early installations, I would take plastic sheets, plastic bags, and things I would find in the hardware store or around the house. I would take things like highlighter pen, mix it with water, pump it through plastic tubing, creating these glowing circulatory systems for people to walk through and enjoy. I like these materials because of the way they look, the way they feel, and they’re very affordable.
我也喜欢制作场景 让人们去探索及玩耍 这些早期的布景装置 我会使用塑料布、塑料袋 以及,我在五金行或家里 可以找到的东西 我会使用一些东西,像荧光笔 与水混合,灌入塑料管 打造出这些会发光的循环系统 供人们穿梭及欣赏 我喜欢这些素材,因为它们的外观 它们的触感,以及价格非常实惠

I also liked to make devices that work with body parts. I would take camera LED lights and a bungee cord and strap it on my waist and I would videotape my belly button, get a different perspective, and see what it does. (Laughter)
我也喜欢做一些可和身体部位互动的装置 我会拿相机的 LED 灯 和弹性松紧绳,系在我的腰上 然后,我会录像我的肚脐 用一个另类的角度 来观察肚脐的样貌 (笑声)

I also like to modify household appliances. This is an automatic night light. Some of you might have them at home. I would cut out the light sensor, add an extension line, and use modeling clay, stick it onto the television, and then I would videotape my eye, and using the dark part of my eye tricking the sensor into thinking it’s night time, so you turn on the lightbulb. The white of the eye and the eyelid will trick the sensor into thinking it’s daytime, and it will shut off the light.
我也喜欢改装家庭用品 这是一个自动感应的小夜灯 在座应该有人家里也有 我会切掉光感应的部分 加上一条延长线 接着使用模型黏土 将它黏在电视机上 然后我会录我自己的眼睛 藉由我的黑眼球 混淆感应装置,让它以为是晚上 所以,可以让灯亮起来 眼白和眼皮的部份 则让感应误以为现在是白天 所以,感应装置会关上灯

I wanted to collect more different types of eyes, so I built this device using bicycle helmets, some lightbulbs and television sets. It would be easier for other people to wear the helmet and record their eyes. This device allows me to symbolically extract other people’s eyes, so I have a diversity of eyes to use for my other sculptures. This sculpture has four eyes. Each eye is controlling a different device. This eye is turning itself around in a television. This eye is inflating a plastic tube. This eye is watching a video of another piece being made. And these two eyes are activating glowing water. Many of these pieces are later on shown in museums, biennials, triennial exhibitions around the world.
我想要搜集更多不同的眼睛 所以,我发明了这个运用单车安全帽 和一些灯泡及电视的装置 以便于其他人戴上安全帽 以及,录像他们的眼睛 这个装置也让我得以 将其他人的眼睛图像化 我因此拥有各式各样的眼睛 可用于我的其他作品 这个作品有四个眼睛 每只眼睛控管着另外一个的装置 这只眼睛在电视机里转动着 这只眼睛则对着一个塑料管灌气中 这只眼睛在看电视,关于另外一个装置的发明过程 这两只眼睛可以启动荧光水的装置 许多发明,后来都被展示于 博物馆,双年展,以及三年展 于世界各地。

I love science and biology. In 2007, I was doing a research fellowship at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum looking at bioluminous organisms in the oean. I love these creatures. I love the way they look, the way they feel. They’re soft, they’re slimy, and I was fascinated by the way they use light in their environment, either to attract mates, for self-defense, or to attract food. This research inspired my work in many different ways, things like movement or different light patterns. So I started gathering a lot of different types of material in my studio and just experimenting and trying this out, trying that out, and seeing what types of creatures I can come up with. I used a lot of computer cooling fans and just kind of put them together and see what happens. This is an 8,000-square-foot installation composed of many different creatures, some hanging from the ceiling and some resting on the floor. From afar, they look alien-like, but when you look closer, they’re all made out of black garbage bags or Tupperware containers. 
我热爱科学和生物学 2007 时,我在史密森自然历史博物馆 钻研一个奖学金研究 观察海洋里的发光生物体 我很爱这些生物,我很喜欢牠们的外型和触感 牠们很柔软,而且很光滑 我很着迷牠们自身发光的方式 在牠们的成长环境里 不论是为了求偶,自我保卫 或者,吸引猎物 这份研究启发我很多关于作品的创作方式 比如:作品的移动方式, 或者不同的光线变化 所以,我开始在我的工作室 搜集大量不同类型的素材 进行实验 试试这个,试试那个 看看我能发明出什么样的东西 我使用了很多计算机的风扇 然后,试图将风扇置入装置 看看会发生什么事 这是一个8千平方英尺的装置 由许多不同的发明共同组成 有些吊在天花版,有一些则置放在地上 从远处观看,它们很像外星人 但当你走进看, 它们全部由黑色垃圾袋 或保鲜盒组成

 I’d like to share with you how ordinary things can become something magical and wondrous. (Applause) Thank you. (Applause)
我想与您分享,平凡无奇的事物可以 如何转化成一些很神奇魔幻的事物 (掌声) 谢谢大家 (掌声)



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