The two most important parts of a speech are the introduction and the conclusion. The introduction sets the tone for your speech.Don’t set yourself up for failure from the start. Instead, replace them with an opening that sets you apart and readies you to deliver a great speech.

Opening Remarks开场英语演讲开场白十大实用句型

1.Let me start by thanking…

2.I’m very pleased to be here.

3.I’m very happy to have this opportunity to…

4.I feel great honored to be here.

5.It’s a pleasure for me to share my experience with you all.

6.We have the great pleasure to have Mr.President with us.

7.We are honored today to be joined by our distinguished guest,…

8.Today I’d like to say something about…

9.Well, the topic I’m going to deal with is…

10.I’m sure everybody is interested in… so I will share with you some…

Sample Opening Remarks

1) Thank you very much, Prof. Fawcett, for your very kind introduction. Mr. Chairman, Ladies and gentleman, Good morning! I consider it a great honor to be asked to speak about …on this session of our symposium.

2) Ladies and gentleman. It’s an honor to have the opportunity to address such a distinguished audience.

3) Good morning. Let me start by saying just a few words about my own background.

4) Mr. Chairman, thank you very much for your kind introduction. President, Distinguished colleagues, Ladies and gentleman, Good morning! Is my voice loud enough?

5) Good morning, everyone. I appreciate the opportunity to be with you today. I am here to talk to you about…

6) Good morning, everyone. I am very happy to have this chance to give my presentation. Before I start my speech, let me ask you a question. By a show of hands, how many of you own a car?


Expressing thanks to the Chairperson

-Mr. Chairman, thank you for your introduction.

-First, I would like to thank Mr. Chairman for his gracious introduction.

-Thank you very much, Prof. Fawcett, for your very kind introduction.

-I would like to thank Dr. Huang (主持人或推荐你来发言的上司)for permitting me the privilege to speak to this audience.

-Forms of Address and Greetings对听众的称呼

-Distinguished colleagues, Ladies and gentleman, Good morning!

-Members of the conference!


Expressing Pleasure and Honor

-I am very happy/glad/pleased to be here in Hong Kong.

-I am honored/privileged to be here (with you this afternoon).

-I am proud to be here on this special occasion.

-It’s a very great pleasure for me to be able to attend this conference.

-I consider it a great honor to be asked to speak about …on this session of our symposium/ at this conference..

-It is a great pleasure to be given the honor of first speaker on this important topic.


– Welcome to our company

– I am pleased to be able to welcome you to our company…

– I’d like to thank you for coming.

– May I take this opportunity of thanking you for coming

欢迎听众(非正式 )

– I’m glad you could all get here…

– I’m glad to see so many people here.

– It’s GREat to be back here.

– Hello again everybody. Thank you for being on time/making the effort to come today.

– Welcome to X Part II.


– I’m going to be speaking about something that is vitally important to all of us.

– My presentation will help solve a problem that has puzzled people for years…

– At the end of this presentation you will understand why this company has been so successful for so long…

– I am going to be talking about a product that could double your profit margins…

– the next ten minutes will change your attitude to sales and marketing…

– Over the next ten minutes you are going to hear about something that will change the way your companies operate…

– By the end of this presentation you will know all there is to know about…


Reference to the Audience

-I can see many of you are from …department.

-I know many of you are familiar with this topic.

-You all look as though you’ve heard this before.

-I understand that you’ve all traveled a long way./ After hours of conference, you must feel a little tired. Now I’d like you to see an interesting topic…


– I am delighted/pleased/glad to have the opportunity to present/of making this presentation…

– I am grateful for the opportunity to present…

– I’d like to thank you for inviting/asking me/giving me the chance to…

– Good morning/afternoon/evening ladies and gentleman

– It’s my pleasant duty today to…

– I’ve been asked to…


– the subject of my presentation is…

– I shall be speaking today about…

– My presentation concerns…

– Today’s topic is…

– Today we are here to give a presentation on…

– Today we are here to talk about…Before we start, I’d like you meet my team members…

– A brief look at today’s agenda…(告诉听众所讲内容的先后顺序)

– Before we start our presentation, let’s take a brief look at the agenda…

– I shall be offering a brief analysis of…

– the main area that I intend to cover in this presentation is…

– Take a moment and think of…

– Thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell you about…


– During the next ten minutes, I shall…

– I shall be speaking for about ten minutes…

– My presentation will last for about ten minutes…

– I won’t take up more than ten minutes of your time…

– I don’t intend to speak for longer than ten minutes…

– I know that time is short, so I intend to keep this brief

– I have a lot to cram in to the next ten minutes, so I’d better make a start…


Can you hear me all right?

Is my voice too loud?


1、”Hi there, I’m happy to be here…” Please! This is the most bland, boring, badly overused speech openings. Don’t waffle: just start!

2、”I’m very nervous right now…” Who cares? When you announce that you aren’t at your best, you are automatically setting expectations that you will be bad. Even if you do the best speech of your life, they will leave thinking to themselves: I wonder how much better it would have been if he/she had been feeling good.

3、”Did you hear the one about…” Don’t begin with a joke, period. Jokes are rarely related to the topic at hand. They are only there to make people laugh, which causes people to wonder: “What was the point of that joke?”

4、”Here is a story you all know…” Stay away from stories that everyone has told, unless you bring a twist to it.

5、”The great philosopher A. Nonymous once said…” Use quotes, but not at the beginning of your speech.


1、”Doctors are approximately 9,000 times more dangerous than gun owners.” Did that get your attention? I sure hope so! Begin by startling your audience.

2、”Once upon a time…” Tell a story. Everyone loves a good story, especially if it is one that people don’t expect, and one that is told exceptionally well. Begin with a story that is related to the topic; don’t tell a story just for the sake of it.

3、”Please raise your hand if you…” Get them to participate immediately, The idea is to get the audience moving and doing something very quickly. Your worst enemy is stillness. So get them moving as often and as early as possible.

4、”Remember the last time you…” Establish contact early. Your goal is to get the audience to think of themselves and to feel something related to your topic. Then, you can build on it. Make sure it is an experience most people have shared.

5、”………………….” Silence is golden. Before uttering a single word, wait a few seconds. Stand in silence in front of the audience, for five or ten seconds if you can stand it. Then start with a bang.


1、”To speak for your ears, I have overcome fears, To silence your groans, My skills I have honed.” Start with a poem or a rhyme. Pick a poem that is short, lively, and related to your theme or your message.

2、Start your speech with a song. Ideally, you want to sing on key. But if you cannot hold a tune, think of it as a great start to a humorous speech!

3、Use an audio entrance. Pre-record the first lines of your speech to set the tone. Take care, though, that your recording sounds professional and not tinny, otherwise you will get a negative effect.

4、Blow up a balloon. Or do something equally unexpected. Catch the audience off guard. Make sure nobody is drinking hot liquid when you do this.

5、Perform a magic trick. There are many easy magic tricks you can find online. Take the audience by surprise and make it entertaining from the start.


How to Prepare a Good Introduction

-Realize file great importance of the introduction of file presentation mad then do your best in delivering it.

-Don’ t make file introduction either too wordy, or too brief. Usually, it covers 10 to 15 percent of your entire speech.

-Select tile ways to capture the audience attention.

-Indicate tile topic.

-Outline your Speech.

-Announce your purpose.

-Prepare several versions of tile introduction, compare them, and then select the best version. Finally, learn it by heart so as to be able to deliver it easily mid fluently.

-Don’t start your speech with apologies.

-Pay attention to your body language.



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