61. The Moment of Pride

61. 荣耀的时刻

Today’s ceremonies and tonight’s banquet have been mighty and memorable events. Nobody who has shared in them will ever forget them, but for the laureates these celebrations have had a unique importance. Each of us has participated in a ritual, a rite of passage, a public drama which has been commensurate with the inner experience of winning a Nobel Prize. The slightly incredible condition we have lived in since the news of the prizes was announced a couple of weeks ago has now been rendered credible. The mysterious powers represented by the words Nobel Foundation and Swedish Academy have manifested themselves in friendly human form.


For me, it has been a great joy and a great reassurance to come to Stockholm and to meet at every turn people of such grace, such intelligence and such good will. Which is another way of saying that the whole week has not only been ceremonially impressive: it has also felt emotionally true, and it is that sense of something personally trustworthy at the centre of the great event that I finally value most, and cherish and give you thanks for. It has helped more than anything else to bring home to me the reality of the great honour I have received. Oscar Wilde once said that the only way to survive temptation was to yield to it. So here and now, I happi1y and gratefully yield to the temptation to believe that I am indeed the winner of a Nobel Prize. Thank you very much.

对我来说,能够来到斯德哥尔摩,能够到处见到优雅、智慧、善良的人们,我感到非常开心和安慰。 这同时也说明,这一周不仅仪式让人印象深刻,而且感觉也很真实,最让人珍视的是,处在如此盛大典礼的中央,我感受到的是信任,对此我很珍惜,在此向各位表示感谢。能够把这项巨大的荣誉带回家,让我感到万分荣幸。 奥斯卡·王尔德曾经说过能够对抗诱惑的惟一方法就是向它屈服。 所以此时此刻,我满怀高兴和感激的心情向一个诱惑屈服了,那就是我相信我真的获得了诺贝尔奖。谢谢大家!



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