SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, I am so delighted that this day has finally come. (Laughter.) And I am especially grateful to Gary’s and Mona and their children and to all of you for your patience and persistence in ensuring that we would be here at the swearing-in of Gary Locke as our ambassador to the People’s Republic of China. And it is an exciting and proud day for this Administration to be sending Gary and his wonderful family to China. I especially want to welcome the charge and other members of the diplomatic community and so many friends from the Administration.

国务卿克林顿:我非常高兴,这一天终于到来了。(笑声)我尤其要感谢加 里、蒙娜和他们的子女及你们大家,你们非常耐心也非常执着,这使我们大家都能 在这里出席骆家辉任我国驻中华人民共和国大使的宣誓就职仪式。本届政府即将派 遣加里和他幸福美满的一家前往中国,今天是令人兴奋和自豪的一天。我特别欢迎 代办、外交界人士以及这么多来自本届政府的朋友。

It goes pretty much without saying, but I will say it anyway, that our relationship with China is an extraordinarily important one that we think has a great substance to it and a great deal to what kind of future we will enjoy together in the 21st century. We are two complex, large nations with different histories and different political systems, but we know the importance of getting to know one another better, working together,solving problems together, and that is what we have been committed to doing.

本毋庸赘言,但我还是要说,我国与中国的关系极为重要,双边关系实质意 义非凡,这对我们在21世纪共同享有什么样的未来意义重大。我们两国都是纷繁多样、国土广袤的国家,但有着不同的历史和不同的政治制度。然而,我们知道增进 相互了解,共同努力和一起解决问题的重要性,而这也是我们致力于要做的事。

And I am confident that we have the right person in Gary Locke to follow through on the commitment made by President Obama and President Hu Jintao to a positive, cooperative, and comprehensive relationship. Gary is going to Beijing at a time when there will be a lot of work for us to do to follow up on with the Strategic and Economic Dialogue, that there will be many difficult issues and challenges to face. But I know that Gary is more than ready to tackle that.

我相信骆家辉是落实奥巴马总统和胡锦涛主席关于发展积极、合作和全面关系 的承诺的恰当人选。加里前往北京赴任之际,大量关于战略与经济对话的后续工作 需要我们去做,许多棘手的问题和挑战还需要我们去面对。但我知道,加里已为应 对这些难题作好了充分的准备。

And there’s hardly anyone we could be sending who has a reputation for working as hard as Gary Locke. I’ve known Gary a long time, and some of you have known him even longer, and you know that he has the reputation of being an extraordinarily hard worker. When he was a state representative, a Seattle newspaper once called him, and I quote, “The man who mistook his life for the legislature.” (Laughter.) But that was before Mona. (Laughter.) Because I knew Gary before Mona, (Laughter.) And Mona, we,re really glad that you’re also going to Beijing. (Laughter.)

骆家辉以勤奋工作著称,很难有人能像他那样可担此重任。我与加里相识巳 久,你们中有的人认识他的时间更长,你们知道他以工作特别勤奋著称。在他担 任州众议员时,我用西雅图一家报纸的话来描述他“此人误把立法机构视为他的生 命”。(笑声)当然那是在认识蒙娜以前。(笑声)因为我认识加里在蒙娜之前。(笑声)蒙娜,我们真高兴你也要去北京。(笑声)

But think about the story that Gary takes with him, the son of an immigrant family from China who didn’t learn to speak English until he started school, whose grandfather came to the United States from China in the 1890s and worked as a house servant in return for English lessons, whose father and mother worked in their mom-and-pop grocery seven days a week, 365 days a year, so their five children would have better lives. The Locke family understood what the American dream meant. They knew that it was an opportunity and not a guarantee, and that they had to do their part to be able to take advantage of what this country offered.

不过,想想加里自身的经历,作为来自中国的移民家庭的儿子,直到上学才学 习说英语。19世纪90年代,他祖父从中国来到美国,以给人做家仆换取学习英语的 机会。他父母亲在他们开的夫妻杂货店工作,一周7天,一年365天,就是为了让他 们的5个孩子过上更好的日子。骆家辉全家都知道美国梦的意义。他们知道这是一个 机会,但不是保证。他们也知道只有尽自己所能才能享有这个国家所提供的机会。

And Gary’s hard work didn’t just help his family. He helped improve the lives of the people of Washington and of the United States. He was a great job creator in Washington during two national recessions. He has helped to lead our efforts to increase U.S. exports. He has brought the Census in on time and under budget, an unheard of accomplishment. He’s brought comprehensive patent reform legislation closer to passage than it has in decades. And there’s just so much else that can be pointed to in such a history of distinction in his many public service responsibilities. And now, he becomes the first Chinese American to represent the United States as ambassador in Beijing.

加里的辛勤工作不仅仅帮助了他的家人,还为改善华盛顿州人民和美国人民的生 活作出贡献。在两次全国经济衰退期中,他在华盛顿州是一个非常出色的就业机会创 造者。他曾努力带领我们增加美国出口,还在规定的时间和预算内完成了人口普查, 这是一个前所未闻的成就。他推动全面专利改革的立法取得进展,超过了过去几十年 的成绩。他在众多公共服务的岗位上辛勤奉献,写下了如此光辉的历史,另外还有许 多值得赞扬的地方。现在,他成为代表美国出任驻北京大使的第一位美籍华人。

Now, as serious as he is, those of us who know him know that he can loosen up. (Laughter.) And I’ve heard the stories about singing the night that he won the governorship in front of casts of hundreds. I love the story about how he proposed to Mona with a banner attached to a little airplane that flew by that said,“Mona,I love you. Will you marry me?” And I think for his three children, they should know that he says all the time that, despite being a governor or a cabinet secretary, the most important job he’s ever had is being your father. And I thank you for going with your father to Beijing. (Laughter.) Because I know it’s not easy, but I believe you’re going to have an amazing experience,and I know how much it will mean to the people of China to meet all of you as well.

当然,虽然他看上去有些严肃,我们知道他也有轻松的时候。(笑声)我听说了他 贏得州长选举的那一夜在数百名听众面前一展歌喉的故事。我喜欢听他向蒙娜求婚 的故事。他在一架小型飞机上挂了一面旗子,飞机飞上天,旗子上写着:“蒙娜, 我爱你。你愿意嫁给我吗? ”我觉得他的三个孩子都知道,他总是说,不管是州长 或内阁部长,他做过的最重要的工作是当他们的父亲。我感谢你们与父亲一起去北 京。(笑声)因为我知道这并不容易,但我相信你们将有一番不寻常的经历,我知道, 对中国人民来说,见到你们也多么意味深长。

Gary, I also know that you wish your late father, Jimmy, were standing here today, because you know how proud your family would be that you are, in a sense, going fall circle on this journey that brought them here and now brings you to Beijing.

加里,我也知道,你希望你已故的父亲,吉米,今天也能站在这里,因为你知 道你的家人会多么自豪,从某种意义上说,整个旅程把你们一家人带到这里,现在 又把你送回北京。

AMBASSADOR LOCKE: Well, thank you very much,Secretary Clinton, and Ambassador Marshall for presiding, and all of our honored guests – Ambassador Sasser, I see Carla Hills here,members of the Cabinet, Ron Kirk, and also Fred Hochberg of the Export-Import Bank,Chris Liu of the White House, and a lot of colleagues from the Department of Commerce, and friends and family from the West Coast. It’s great to all have you here.

骆家辉大使:非常感谢你,克林顿国务卿,以及马歇尔大使的主持,还有所有 贵宾——尚慕杰大使,我看到卡拉?希尔斯在座,阁员罗恩?柯克,还有进出口银 行的弗雷德?赫克伯格、白宫的卢沛宁、商务部的众多同仁,以及来自西海岸的家 人和朋友。实在很高兴看到各位光临。

I’m really deeply humbled and honored to become the next United States ambassador to the People’s Republic of China. And I’d like to thank President Obama, Secretary Clinton, the United States Senate, for their support, their confidence, and their trust in me. I also want recognize and thank Charge d’Affaires Deng from the People’s Republic of China, and many other friends and colleagues who are here today. With my family – my wife Mona and our children Emily, Dylan, and Madeline~we’re excited to have this opportunity to serve the President and the people of the United States of America.

我非常荣幸成为下一届的美国驻中华人民共和国大使。我要谢谢奥巴马总统和克 林顿国务卿、美国参议院对我的支持、信心和信任。我还要感谢中华人民共和国的邓 代办,以及今天在场的许多朋友和同仁。我和我的家人,即我的夫人蒙娜以及我们的 孩子埃米莉、迪伦和马德琳,他们都很激动有这个机会为美国总统及美国人民效力。

The United States and China have a profoundly important and complex diplomatic, economic, and strategic bilateral relationship-one with challenges, no question, but one which also holds great promise for extended cooperation and collaboration. I look forward to working with the Chinese Government to fulfill that promise, but more importantly, to build the positive, cooperative, and comprehensive relationship that President Obama and President Hu have agreed that our two countries should aspire to. We are already seeing examples of how this future can play out as our businesses and our governments collaborate to tackle some of the world’s most pressing challenges. And I fully intend to support our ongoing bilateral and cooperative efforts on a host of critical international issues from climate change to the search for new, cleaner sources of energy, to stopping the proliferation of nuclear weapons and materials, and to promote new areas of collaboration.

美国和中国在外交、经济和战略方面的双边关系重要而又复杂,虽然充满挑 战,但也有扩展合作和协作的极大潜力。我期盼与中国政府一同实现这种可能, 但是更重要的,我期盼创建一种奥巴马总统与胡主席均同意的、两国应该追求的积 极、合作和全面的关系。在两国的企业和政府互相协作、成功地处理世界上最棘手 的一些挑战之后,我们已经看到了展现这种未来潜能的实例。无论从气候变化,到 寻找更清洁的新能源,再到终止核武器与核材料的扩散,以及推动新的合作领域, 我都将全心支持两国在广泛的重要国际事务上持续的双边合作努力。

It’s been my good fortune over the past decade to have had the opportunity to visit and meet with many Chinese Government officials and private sector executives in support of greater commercial cooperation and market access for U.S. goods and services. I look forward to continuing this dialogue, creating win-win scenarios for both of our countries, because American businesses and workers can help China meet its goals of modernization as well as improving the quality of life for the Chinese people,all at the same time creating jobs here at home for workers of America.

在过去10年中,为支持扩大商业合作和美国产品及服务的市场准入,我有幸拜 访并会见了许多中国政府官员和民间部门主管。我期望保持这种对话,使两国实现双赢,因为美国企业和员工可以帮助中国达到现代化的目标,并且改善中国人民的 生活水平,同时也为美国国内员工创造工作岗位。

In those sensitive areas where America and China have differences or serious disagreement, I will work to keep the lines of communication open, to convey the Administration’s positions clearly,and to engage with Chinese Government officials at the highest levels. At the same time, I hope to do more to communicate directly with the Chinese people to improve understanding between our two great nations.

在那些两国存在差异或者严重分歧的敏感领域,我会致力保持通常的交流渠 道,清楚地传达美国政府的立场,并且与中国最高层政府官员接触。在此同时,我 希望更多地与中国人民直接沟通,以增进我们两个伟大国家之间的理解。

I firmly believe improved U.S.-China cooperation is critically important, not just for our own two countries but for the world community. As a child of Chinese immigrants growing up in the State of Washington, having the opportunity to represent America, the land of my birth, and to represent American values was surely beyond any dream I could possibly have. And I can only imagine just how proud my dad, Jimmy, who passed away in January, would be for his son to be the first Chinese American to represent the United States in the land of his and my mother’s birth. It may be cliche to say only in America, but in this case and for this role, it is both profoundly true and profoundly important. It is America and America’s promise as a land of freedom, equality, and opportunity that I will represent when serving the President and the American people as the United States ambassador to China.

我深信,改善中美合作不仅对我们两国关系重大,而且对国际社会也至关重要。 作为在华盛顿州长大的中国移民的孩子,有机会代表我的出生地美国和美国的价值 观,这无疑超越了我的任何梦想。我的父亲吉米在今年一月份去世,但我可以想象, 他如果看到儿子作为第一位美籍华人在他和我母亲的出生地代表美国,会感到多么自 豪。要说这种事情只能发生在美国可能是陈词滥调,但是,就这件事情和这个职务而 言,这一说法千真万确,而且意义重大。当我作为美国驻中国大使为总统和美国人民 效力时,我代表的将是美国及其作为自由、平等和充满机会的国度的许诺。

Let me just say that I can’t end without acknowledging the great team and colleagues Fve had at the Department of Commerce. It’s been one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. And our folks at the Department of Commerce, both the political and the career, have done amazing work. And I am just so proud of the opportunity to have worked with them.

在结束讲话之前,我必须感谢在商务部与我共事的非凡的团队和同事们。这是我从事过的最喜爱的工作之一。无论是政务官还是公务员,我们商务部的同事们都 业绩惊人。我为能有机会与他们共事感到无比自豪。

And finally, my success in government is due to Mona. Secretary Clinton talks about the pre-Mona days. (Laughter.) Some of you here know that. I hope you all agree that the after-Mona days are much, much better. (Laughter and applause.) But my success in government is due to Mona, and she has been a constant, an incredible confidante, advisor, and has really kept me true and straight. In fact, I think that – I remember during the campaign for governor, so many people wrote us and said, “I’m voting for you only because of Mona.” (Laughter.) And I truly believe that for me to be successful in representing the United States in China, it will have to be a team collaborative effort with Mona. She has incredible instincts, incredible compass, and completely grounded in our family. And I thank you for your love and that support.

最后要提到的是,我的政府生涯的成功离不开蒙娜。克林顿国务卿谈到我遇到蒙 娜之前的日子。(笑声)在坐的有些人了解内情,我希望你们都一致认为遇到蒙娜后 的日子好多了。(笑声和掌声)的确,我的政府生涯的成功离不开蒙娜,她一直是一 位忠实的顾问、一位最好的红颜知己,真正让我做到襟怀坦白。事实上,我记得在我 竞选州长时,许多人写信说:“我投你的票完全是看在蒙娜的份上。”(笑声)我的 确认为,我要成功地在中国代表美国,就必须与蒙娜进行团队协作。她有着难以置信 的直觉和良好的领悟能力,完全以家庭为重。感谢你的爱和这种支持。

Our family is embarking on an adventure and a challenge, and we are eager to begin. Thank you very much for joining us today. (Applause.)

我们全家即将踏上一段激动人心而又充满挑战的旅程,我们整装待发。非常感 谢各位出席今天的仪式。(掌声)

AMBASSADOR MARSHALL: On behalf of the ambassador and his family, we thank you for joining this ceremony, and we welcome you now to offer your own personal congratulations to the new ambassador in a receiving line in front of the podium. Again, congratulations, Ambassador Locke. (Applause.)

马歇尔大使:我们代表大使及其家人感谢诸位出席这次仪式。现在欢迎大家在 讲台前列队向新任大使表达你们的祝贺。骆大使,再次向你表示祝贺。(掌声)



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