32. Education–Key to Development

32. 教育——发展的关键

It is a priority of Chilean Education Policy to enhance 21st century skills. We have established two priorities: English as a foreign language and the use of technology, computers and internet to advance teaching and learning. Chile shares with the rest of the APEC community the view that these are basic tools to develop our human resources and to expand participation in the global economy.


Our country has recently began to implement a long term plan to improve significantly the teaching and learning of English. We are setting standards and we want to measure the achievement of these standards. At the end of this year we will give a diagnostic test to a representative sample of eight and twelve grade students at the end of primary and secondary school respectively. For the first time we will know where our students are at regarding their level of English.


We are also developing programs to support the professional development of our teachers; we have distributed English textbooks to all students from subsidized schools from grades 5 to 12 where teaching a foreign language is compulsory; and also developing programs to attract volunteers to come to Chile to help our teachers and motivate our students to learn English.


Motivation to learn English in a country where still very few people speak the language is a significant challenge. We need to further explore how to boost motivation among our students; perhaps by using innovative technology, audiovisuals, interactive software, educational chatting rooms or other means that could raise interest of young people. This seminar will give us some ideas on this subject.




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