TED演讲之伟大预言 胡安·恩利克斯:令人吃惊的新科技(3)

If you look at the federal budget, this is what it looks like. The orange slice is what’s discretionary. Everything else is mandated.


It makes no difference if we cut out the bridges to Alaska in the overall scheme of things.


So what we have to start thinking about doing is capping our medical spending because that’s a monster that’s simply going to eat the entire budget.


We’ve got to start thinking about asking people to retire a little bit later. If you’re 60 to 65 you retire on time. Your 401(k) just got nailed.


If you’re 50 to 60 we want you to work two years more. If you’re under 50 we want you to work four more years.


The reason why that’s reasonable is, when your grandparents were given Social Security, they got it at 65 and were expected to check out at 68.


Sixty-eight is young today. We’ve also got to cut the military about three percent a year.


We’ve got to limit other mandatory spending. We’ve got to quit borrowing as much, because otherwise the interest is going to eat that whole pie.


And we’ve got to end up with a smaller government. And if we don’t start changing this trend line, we are going to lose the dollar and start to look like Iceland.


I got what you’re thinking. This is going to happen when hell freezes over. But let me remind you this December it did snow in Vegas.


Here’s what happens if you don’t address this stuff. So, Japan had a fiscal real estate crisis back in the late ’80s.


And its 225 largest companies today are worth one quarter of what they were 18 years ago.


We don’t fix this now, how would you like to see a Dow 3,500 in 2026? Because that’s the consequence of not dealing with this stuff.


And unless you want this person to not just become the CFO of Florida, but the United States, we’d better deal with this stuff.


That’s the short term. That’s the flame part. That’s the financial crisis.



即使庞大的银行纷纷崩溃,胡安 恩利克斯认为巨大的复苏仍然会来到。但别指望你的选票会起作用,或者股票交易。它会来自科学实验室,并且会带来更敏捷的身体与思维。我们的后代将会变得不同。


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