TED演讲之伟大预言 凯文·凯利:谈未来5000天后的网络世界(6)

Now, the second thing that I want to talk about was this idea of restructuring, that what the Web is doing is restructuring.


And I have to warn you, that what we’ll talk about is — I’m going to give my explanation of a term you’re hearing, which is a “semantic Web.”

我先声明,接下来我要为语义网(semantic web)下个定义。

So first of all, the first stage that we’ve seen of the Internet was that it was going to link computers.


And that’s what we called the Net; that was the Internet of nets. And we saw that, where you have all the computers of the world.

也就是我们说的网络,那是“Internet of Net”(把网链接起来)。我们看到了这个,这里有全世界所有的电脑。

And if you remember, it was a kind of green screen with cursors,


and there was really not much to do, and if you wanted to connect it, you connected it from one computer to another computer.


And what you had to do was — if you wanted to participate in this, you had to share packets of information.


So you were forwarding on. You didn’t have control. It wasn’t like a telephone system where you had control of a line: you had to share packets.


The second stage that we’re in now is the idea of linking pages.


So in the old one, if I wanted to go on to an airline Web page, I went from my computer, to an FTP site, to another airline computer.

过去,如果要到航空公司的网页, 我得先从自己的电脑连到FTP站,再连到航空公司的电脑。

Now we have pages — the unit has been resolved into pages, so one page links to another page.


And if I want to go in to book a flight, I go into the airline’s flight page, the website of the airline, and I’m linking to that page.


And what we’re sharing were links, so you had to be kind of open with links. You couldn’t deny — if someone wanted to link to you, you couldn’t stop them.


You had to participate in this idea of opening up your pages to be linked by anybody. So that’s what we were doing.



凯文·凯利(Kevin Kelly)在2007年EG会议的演讲中说,大家现在所熟悉的万维网(World Wide Web),其实也才不过5000天的岁月而已。那么在未来的5000天后,网络会变成什么样子呢?


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